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    Individual Voluntary Arrangement

    An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is a legally binding agreement with your creditors.

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    Bankruptcy Advice

    Bankruptcy is an option for those with more serious debt problems. We can help you understand your options and guide you all the way.

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Here’s An Example Of How We Can Help

  • Personal Loans £6,000
  • Credit Cards £3,250
  • Store Cards £1,500
  • Total Cost £10,750
  • Before Our Help
  • Existing Monthly Repayment
  • £500
  • After Our Help
  • New Monthly Repayment
  • £150

Solutions Tailored to You

Whilst debt is a normal part of life for many people, we know how easily it can become a problem. Unexpected changes such as illness, redundancy or a reduction in income can compromise your ability to keep on top of your debts, and the situation can quickly spiral out of control.

Debt problems can be enormously stressful, and it’s not always easy to see a way back to financial stability when you’re being bombarded with bills that you can’t afford to pay. With our help, though, you can get your finances back in order and leave your debt worries behind.

At Ideal Debt Solutions, we take the time to fully understand your unique circumstances before providing advice on the best debt solution for you. Our expert advisors will talk you through all the available options, and help you decide what makes the most sense for you.

Once the right solution has been agreed, we’ll give you practical help putting everything in place and we’ll support you throughout your journey. Whatever amount you owe, whether you’re unemployed, you work for yourself, or you’re in a full-time job, we can help you take control of your finances.

Debt Solutions: We Give You the Facts

We advise on a range of debt solutions including Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) and Bankruptcy.

You’ll find clear, comprehensive answers to many of the most common questions in the FAQ sections on the relevant pages throughout our website, and when you contact us, you’ll speak to an experienced specialist who will provide you with honest, transparent information.

Our Track Record

We have over 10 years experience, and have dealt with people from all walks of life. We have successfully helped many clients escape debt despair and regain control of their finances.

You can see what we’ve done for some of our recent clients on our Case Studies page.

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